//Yerba Mate Loose Leaf Cafe Blend

Yerba Mate Loose Leaf Cafe Blend


  • Finely ground yerba mate blended with water-soluble yerba mate extract
  • Perfect for making yerba mate lattes with an espresso machine
  • Highest Caffeine content yerba mate
  • Highest Vitamin, Mineral and Anitoxidant Content
  • Air dried and aged for flavor
  • 100% plastic free and biodegradable
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Yerba Mate for Espresso Machine. Mate Latte.

Yerba mate espresso shot for matte latte

The Best Yerba Mate for Yerba Mate Lattes

Air-dried – Organically Grown – Smoke Free

After years of searching, we’ve partnered with an organic-certified 3rd generation family farm to produce our Especial blend of yerba mate.  They draw on centuries of tradition but most importantly use an innovative smoke-free indirect heating method.  This results is a yerba mate that is air-dried to perfection and free of contaminants.  

Aged for Superior Taste and Aroma

After harvest, we age our yerba mate for a minimum of one year in a climate-controlled warehouse.  This process helps to break down chlorophyll and results in a smoother, more zesty taste with a woody finish.  Other yerba mate producers routinely skip this step or use a forced aging process resulting in an inferior and vegetal tasting yerba.  This may be why your Taragui or Guayaki tastes more grassy than you might like.  

Finely Ground Yerba Mate with Extract 

Our cafe blend yerba mate is perfect for use in restaurants, cafes and coffee shops.  We’ve taken our Especial, high leaf content yerba mate and ground it finely.  Next we add our powerful, water-soluble powdered yerba mate extract.  This blend is perfect for brewing a strong shot of yerba mate through an espresso machine.

Yerba Mate Latte

Quickly and conveniently creates endless new yerba mate drinks.  Substitue two shots of yerba mate cafe blend yerba mate for any espresso based drink in your cafe.  Add shots of yerba mate to steamed milk for a matte latte.  Pour shots of yerba mate over ice and add water for an instant iced yerba mate americano.  Mix shots of yerba mate with your favorite chai mix for a delicious yerba mate chai.  

Consume Consciously with our Bio-degradable bags

Our packaging is fully compostable and we use biodegradable soy-based inks. After use, you can shred your empty bag and mix it into your compost along with your spent yerba mate to create nutrient-rich soil or fertilizer.

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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 3 × 7 in

14 oz, 4 lb, Case of 12 (14 oz)


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