4-Cup French Press Yerba Mate Recipe


  • 5 tbsp Yerba Mate Loose Leaf
  • Ginger
  • Mint Leaves
  • Citrus


Put five tablespoons of yerba mate’ into the Press. (Add grated ginger, mint leaves, citrus to flavor mate’). Then put just enough cold water in the French press to wet the yerba mate’ (about 3 tablespoons).   *This will helps preserve nutrients and make mate’ less bitter.  You can also try orange peel, ginger, mint or whatever sounds good to the tea before brewing.

Add hot water (about 180 degrees).  *Water that is too hot can also damage nutrients and make mate’ bitter.  (You can either boil water and let it sit five minutes or just take off the heat when it starts to steam and release small bubbles). Let sit five minutes, press and add your favorite sweetener or drink plain. For iced mate, add an extra tablespoon of mate, add sweetener and/or flavor and pour over a full cup of ice.