///21 Yerba Mate Tea Bags Flow State

21 Yerba Mate Tea Bags Flow State


Yerba Mate Tea Bags Fresh and Convenient Brew

Why buy expensive cans of Guayaki yerba mate?  You can now easily brew invigorating and delicious yerba mate anywhere for a fraction of the price.  Our Yerba Montana Great Plains yerba mate tea bags work for both hot and cold brew.  So you can simply add 1 pouch to 4 cups of hot (185 degree) water and steep for 5-10 minutes to taste.  Or you can steep 1 pouch overnight (6-10 hours) in 4 cups of cool water in the fridge for a delicious cold brew yerba mate drink. You can brew about 4 cups of yerba with one of our pouches.  Imbibe freely and share just as yerba mate was intended.

Performance Support Yerba Mate Tea bags with Naturally Occurring Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants and Caffeine

Achieve new levels of physical performance with our Flow State blend of yerba mate tea pouches.  Featuring a balacing blend of California poppy aerials, hemp flower and lavender our Flow State tea pouches help to relex the body and sharpen the mind.  Embody the enduring strength of water while harnessing the softness and flow of a meandering stream.  Immerse yourself in the delicate floral notes of lavender, gently balanced by the subtle sweetness of California poppy all enhanced by the earthy herbal undertones of Hemp flower culminating in a soothing and aromatic tea experience.

Air-dried – Organically Grown – Smoke Free – Yerba Mate Tea Bags

After years of searching, we’ve partnered with an organic-certified 3rd generation family farm to produce our Especial tea bag cut yerba mate. They leverage centuries of tradition while employing an innovative smoke-free indirect heating method. This process ensures that we air-dry our yerba mate to perfection and keep it free of contaminants.

Aged for Superior Taste and Aroma

After harvest, we age our yerba mate for a minimum of one year in a climate-controlled warehouse.  This process helps to break down chlorophyll and results in a smoother, more zesty taste with a woody finish.  Other yerba mate producers routinely skip this step or use a forced aging process which can result in a more vegetal tasting yerba.  This may be why your Taragui or Guayaki tastes more more grassy than you might like.

100% plastic free and bio-degradable

The material for our Mountain Mint yerba mate tea bags is made of 100% organic sugar cane fiber and is 100% plastic free and bio-degradable.  Imbibe freely knowing your yerba mate contains no harmful traces of plasctic.  Plastic in your diet can increase absorptoin of toxins, disrupt your gut microbiome and cauase various health issues.  Our packaging is fully compostable and/or recylable and printed with non-toxic soy based inks.


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