/Retail Mate
  • Premium Organic Yerba Mate - Yerba Montana
    This is the strongest yerba on the market. We take our pure leaf yerba, finely grind it and infuse it with water-soluble yerba mate extract. This yerba is ideally suited for the espresso-machine or for those looking to brew a powerful cup of bold yerba mate tea.
  • Pure Leaf Yerba Mate - Yerba Montana
    Aged for 8-12 months, this yerba has high leaf content with minimal stems and powder. It makes for a bolder and more powerful yerba as most of the benefits are concentrated in the leaf. Enjoy the crisp flavor with undertones of fresh cut grass. Our pure leaf yerba is perfectly formulated for brewing in a French press, tea ball, coffee machine or your favorite apparatus.
  • Traditional Organic Yerba Mate - Yerba Montana
    Air-dried and aged 12-18 months, this yerba includes stems and a moderate powder content. It’s perfectly formulated for drinking traditional style with a gourd and bombilla. Fill your gourd and enjoy the uplifting tones of lemongrass, oak and a clean zesty finish with your favorite friends.